How to Use Google Map in Offline Mode

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sometimes we're in a situation uncontrollable. For instance, you've been planning to set out in unfamiliar place and you're just depending on your google map application, and of course let's pretend you got your data bill going. 

You're certain you could be on the right track. What if unexplained events happen, like you've been poor on signal or no signal at all, just the worst thing, you're back with no data just google map application alone.

To prevent that from happening, let's try to be prepared on the worst thing that could happen while travelling.

To begin with, will need the internet back in your phone. Lets say you are about to depart from your location. That's the time you'll need to be prepare. You can start downloading your destination map so you can use offline mode while travelling. 

To do that just follow these simple instructions then you're good to go. 

Tap the menu button at the upper-left side of your phone screen when in google map.

Google map offline

Choose offline areas, at the lower-right you'll notice a '+' button.

Google map offline

You can now start downloading the map at your choice, just drag it or zoom in and out the area you want to download.

Google map offline

I hope you find my post helpful. Happy travels.

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